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5 Apps Locum Tenens Should Have

Technology is constantly changing and evolving, yet some of us don’t utilize it to our advantage. Sure, we have our social media to keep up with friends and family, but are we taking advantage of the apps that are purely made to lighten up our workload? Or even make it easier for colleagues to communicate with each other? In the healthcare world, research and medicine are consistently growing and it is a part of the job to continuously keep up to date and educated on all of the changes. When we are exhausted, the last thing we want to do is research or examine anything with a fine tooth comb, so why not let the information fall into your hands, with an app?

After the poorly designed system of EHRs, it may be hard to trust a new app could bring ease into your life. Especially when a system that was created to produce simplicity in your job, technically failed. While technology should not be taking over every aspect of a hospital and how doctors and physicians operate, some apps can aid and support the work that you do, the diagnosis you make and how you communicate. The best part, you get to choose which apps you like most and roll with those. So, what apps should doctors and physicians consider?

  1. Medscape

“Our mission is to improve patient care with comprehensive clinical information and resources essential to physicians and healthcare professionals.”

Medscape should be considered the MVP of apps. It not only has everything and anything you need to know about the healthcare world but also comes with recent medical news, drug and disease information, expert perspectives and more. Although that seems pretty surface level, you can find interesting tools like a visual pill identifier, drug interactions, videos on medical procedures, dosing calculators and directories of physicians and pharmacies, etc. The membership is free, allowing you unlimited and easy access to all it has to offer. If it seems a little too good to be true, over half of the doctors in the U.S. use this app. All you have to do is download and register.

  1. Skyscape

“A simple mission to provide trusted medical information and tools to help make critical decisions at the point-of-care.”

Known as the Medical Knowledge Platform, this cloud-based app is the virtual library you didn’t know you needed. Compared to other healthcare apps, it boasts the largest database of medical-based information and offers “400 trusted resources – covering 30 medical specialties, enabling physicians, nurses, students, and other healthcare professionals to provide quality patient care, save time, and reduce costly medical errors.” Additional features include around 200 interactive tools and offer academic partnerships, clinical communications and collaborations as well as a hub of innovation and creativity.

  1. LexiCo

“Helping healthcare professionals by providing the most trusted drug and clinical information available, delivered across multiple platforms, and easily integrated into daily workflow.”

It’s impossible for healthcare workers to memorize and utilize all of the medications available to every single patient that comes in. Especially when a new medication is being presented to hospitals consistently. The great thing about LexiComp is you can let the app do the reference for you. With 20 databases, you will have access to all of the information you need on medications, and interactions and can even go as far as giving you shortage information and a pharmacogenomics database. While you’ll have to pay a subscription fee, once you are in, the information is all yours.

  1. MedPage Today

“MedPage Today is the leading source for breaking medical news, daily coverage of over 30 specialties, annual coverage of over 60 meetings and symposiums.”

If you are looking for some news coverage that will also be able to specifically show you news and events that are occurring in your specific area of expertise or interest, MedPage Today is your app. This leading news app also brings live conference coverage and local writers attend at least 75 medical conferences per year. Even covering difficult topics in politics and medical politics. Their professional writers and journalists work to report on what healthcare workers are thinking, saying, feeling and doing. Making it easy to relate to the content they continuously create. It is a free app – not available on the google store yet – but has its own website you can access.

  1. Doximity

“Doximity helps over two million healthcare professionals take the friction out of everyday challenges that are unique to clinicians.”

To move away from the serious bandwagon and head into something a little bit more joyful, we have Doximity. Think Facebook and LinkedIn for healthcare workers. As a Locum Tenens, you are going to meet an immense number of people on your journey and what better way to keep in contact with them? You can essentially find your new friend, “colleagues” them and have safe and secure conversations. Although conversations can simply be friendly, this is also a great opportunity to ask for insights or advice on cases you are working on or exchange patient data.

On top of this, the app also works on connecting patients and providers too. Creating a FaceTime feature where patients can have virtual doctor visits and can even be notified when patients enter into the video conference. If patients have been transferred to another doctor or hospital, healthcare workers can safely transfer their information through the app. It’s all in all an invaluable asset to the healthcare world and demolishes blocks that frequently arise on day to day basis.

The growth in technology will continue, and it’s up to us to find which apps will work for us and make our daily lives that little bit easier. Along with the listed 5 above, you can discover even more options with a little research. Start here and continue where you need and enjoy the easiness that comes when technology steps up its game.