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How Do I Choose A Locum Tenens Assignment?

Deciding to step into the role of a Locum Tenens isn’t like stepping into a standard permanent position. You won’t begin day one in the office or hospital, but will instead be preparing everything you need to start receiving assignment offers. Most veteran Locum Tenens discuss the fact that when they began they just simply picked up whatever job they could find. However, when the demand is so much higher, it becomes less about taking what you can get and more about deciding what it is you want.

At first, it’s a simple “where would you like to work?” question. Knowing which state you would most likely prefer to begin in helps grasp what your preferences are. However, as we dive deeper into the logistics of our assignments, we might need to be asking a few more questions in order to make sure we obtain all the details.

So, when given the assignment to accept or decline, what questions should Locum Tenens be asking?

Where Exactly Is The Job Located?

While we know what state we want to work in, we need to dig a little deeper than that to find whether this location will work for us. For instance, you may be in the state that you want, and the location may seem incredibly attractive, though there are some accessibility difficulties. An awesome location is all well and good but if there are complications in logistics then you could find yourself in a frustrating situation.

Once you find your exact location, take the time to examine exactly where it is. Now, research where the airport is, look at weather changes and how they may impact your commute, or how easily accessible your facility is. This way, you’ll be able to know if you’re going to be smooth sailing or need to prepare some details to get to that point.

What Is The Patient And Case Mix Volume?

This is a question that is not often presented in assignments but should be asked. Your case mix and patient volume can determine how diverse, complex or how severe a patient’s illnesses can be. Which, in turn, will determine what volume of care you will need to provide. On the same note, it could also determine how satisfying and unsatisfying the role may be. You could go into a unit expecting it to be busy and be disappointed when it is the opposite.

Your recruiter may not have the answer right away but will be able to attain it through the institute itself or through logs of previous Locum Tenens assignments there.

What Are My Time Commitments?

Depending on the hospital’s circumstances, you could be entering into the role with one allotted block of time, utilizing your skills through ongoing work, or being relatively full-time with the option of a permanent position after. Knowing these finer details, you can be more on top of deciding what option works best for you.

How Much Will I be Compensated?

Once you have the details above, you can determine how much money it is you feel you should be making. For example, heading into a high-volume and high-stress environment warrants higher pay. Yet, those heading into a primary clinical assignment would particularly earn less. This also goes for rural work or areas that are harder to come by rather than locations that are close to or near an airport.

Note To Self: What Do I Want?

What is important is understanding how much you are worth. If you are going to potentially have some troubles with transportation then you can be compensated for that. If you are going to be working in more demanding positions, you can also be properly compensated for that too. This can also roll over into locations. If location is a priority for you and compensation can be lower because of that, then that can be a good move. As you are in high demand, you are in the driver’s seat when it comes to the decisions you make and what you desire to get out of your Locum Tenens assignments. So, ask the questions, find the answers and make the right choices in what you are worth!


Here at TheraEx Locum Tenens Staffing Agency, you are working with those who have been in your shoes. As fellow healthcare workers turned recruiters, we are able to understand where you are coming from and work hard to get whatever you need. As your right-hand wo/man and your go-to guy/gal, we want to make sure you are getting exactly what you want and need out of the Locum Tenens experience.

Therefore, if you are an ER doctor, private practice physician, surgeon, dentist, neurologist or skilled clinician, TheraEx Locum Tenens has an open door for you. Allowing you to travel to different states, expand your skills and experience, meet new patients and people and most of all, help hospitals that are in desperate need of your extra hands and skills.