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Why Should Locum Tenens Consider Emergency Medicine?

As the year comes to an end, it’s a great time to think about your career goals for the future. If you’re looking to travel more, increase your income, and gain valuable experience, working as a Locum Tenens in emergency medicine might be the perfect opportunity for you!

What is Locum Tenens?

The concept is simple. As permanent doctors or physicians go on vacation, take sick or emergency leave or maybe even leave the facility altogether, Locum Tenens come in to fill the voids. Whether it be short-term or long-term – although most contracts are between two weeks and two months but can even last a year – you step into healthcare facilities to help with patient loads and whatever they need your extra hands for.

The great part about this role is it can sweep you off to different parts of the country. Spend your time in California, Florida, New York, or Illinois. Meet new people, try new things and have the comfort of earning an income the entire time.

Why Should I Consider A Locum Tenens Emergency Medicine Physician Position?

First and foremost, the urgent care business has expanded with its use of urgent care facilities. A concept where those who are considering themselves with urgent but non-life threatening conditions can enter this facility rather than go to the emergency room. This plan has proved valuable as a cost-effective and faster option for patients, which in turn, has seen a demand for physicians in these centers as well. Not to mention the demand already in place for emergency medicine physicians. So, what are the benefits of working in this field as a Locum Tenens?


Income has always been a big discussion when it comes to working Locum Tenens. Not only does each specialty have its specific income, but each state does too. Therefore, when it comes to working as a Locum Tenens emergency medicine physician, you’ll be looking at anywhere between $100 – $300 an hour. A nice chunk of change in a position where you can partake in so much newness of an area.

On top of this, as a flexible position, you could take the opportunity to pick up extra shifts at what will most likely be the dozens of facilities in your area. Increasing your income during your time away from home.


Speaking of, flexibility as a Locum Tenens has always been and will always be a bonus in this work environment. For instance, say a standard schedule consists of working five days per week what you’ll find is that an urgent care physician will mostly work three 12-hour shifts. This not only allows you to take on those extra schedules we discussed above but also allows you to alter your schedule during the weeks and have plenty of time to discover what is around you.

Your Options Are Open

Emergency medicine physicians have an extensive list of places they can be of good use. These include emergency transport, government agencies, hospital emergency department, intensive-care unit, palliative care settings, rural health facilities, urgent care clinics and university health centers. There is no need to stick to one area and you can expand your specialty by experiencing an alternate route you’ve never had the opportunity to take before.

This also comes down to where you want to work. As Locum Tenens move across states, you can also decide which area you would prefer to work in. Maybe you come from a rural area and want to try working in a big city or vice versa. Whatever opportunity you want to take on, this is a great time to do it!

Combat Burnout

Emergency medicine, also known as emergency room, work is high pressure and constant (depending on where you are working of course.). One of the greatest benefits of working as a Locum Tenens is the ability to be able to take time off between contracts. Say you have finished a 2-month assignment and would like to take a couple of weeks to regroup and take the time for some much-needed self-care, which is definitely doable in this position.

On the same note, those who are considering the direction of urgent care facilities, rather than the latter options, could also find themselves working in less stressful environments. This is due to not seeing patients with life-threatening conditions or situations. Making it a less stressful position to be in.

Becoming A Locum Tenens Emergency Medicine Physician

If the following has tickled your fancy in transferring your current life into the Locum Tenens life, then we can help you through this process. Here at TheraEx Locums, we provide Locum Tenens to leading healthcare facilities in the country. As fellow healthcare workers ourselves, we understand your needs and priorities. Therefore, carefully placing you in the right position and market will not only benefit your career but your goals. If you would like to read more on why you should consider this new role for your next year, click here!

Take 2023 by the horns and work towards building yourself up this upcoming year. Not only within your career but within your income and your sense of life. Travelling across the country to take on a position that needs your assistance, meeting new patients and people and taking on whatever each state has to throw at you. It’s a recipe for adventure and a great start to a new year. Start fresh with Locum Tenens and let us know if the locum tenens emergency medicine physician position works well for you. If you have any more questions, please do not hesitate to let us know!