Communicating With Pediatric Patients And Their Parents

A locum tenens healthcare provider is having a conversation with a young pediatric patient and her mother in a clinical setting. The provider is dressed in a button-up shirt and her head is facing away from the camera. The patient is wearing a pink checkered button-up shirt and has her hair braided. Her mother is wearing a grey sweater and a necklace.

As anyone who works with children knows, communicating with kids is an entirely different skill from communicating with adults. If you work in any area of pediatric medicine, learning to effectively communicate with younger patients and their parents is vital to providing quality care. The state of healthcare in the US is severely lacking in […]

Connecting With Fellow Healthcare Professionals

Healthcare Professional

The past two years have been a trying time for healthcare workers, with the added stressors of quarantine, social distancing, and heightened work pressure leading to feelings of isolation. Without a strong support system and social connections, burnout can quickly set in, causing negative impacts on mental health. Building connections with fellow healthcare professionals who […]