Locum Tenens Should Consider These Top Paying States

Doctor holding money

One of the many perks of stepping into the Locum Tenens lifestyle is earning a very respectful income. As an in-demand job and numbers varying across the country, you could be looking at great pay while simultaneously travelling and seeking adventure as you go. Whether you are a new doctor coming out of residency, a […]

Best Locum Tenens States to Consider in 2023

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Tis the new year, and as we begin to calm down from all of the holiday festivities and enter the reality of the path ahead, we may come to consider where exactly we’d like that path to take us. If you are someone who has already started this process or are interested in embarking on […]

Why You Should Work Locum Tenens During The Holiday Season

  The holiday season inevitably equals the Locum Tenens take over. It’s the wonderful time of the year when coverage gaps open as permanent providers take their vacation time to indulge with their families and friends. Though most of society tries their best to take time off, Locum Tenens step in to make sure hospitals […]

The Pros and Cons Of Hiring Locum Tenens

Locum Tenens – or per diem physician jobs – are continuously gaining traction after officially skyrocketing in 2022. They are in high demand due to the still occurring effects of the pandemic, staffing shortages, increased patient load and simply the need for some extra hands. As of 2020, 85% of hospitals were relying on Locum […]

Physician Resume Tips: How to Avoid These 9 CV Mistakes

Creating a doctor’s resume is like walking a fine line between overcompensating and underselling. There is this precision we must abide by, but boundaries that are not set in stone. Putting all of the important details of your career into a short number of words and paragraphs that must capture the essence of who you […]

How Do I Choose A Locum Tenens Assignment?

Deciding to step into the role of a Locum Tenens isn’t like stepping into a standard permanent position. You won’t begin day one in the office or hospital, but will instead be preparing everything you need to start receiving assignment offers. Most veteran Locum Tenens discuss the fact that when they began they just simply […]