How To Find The Perfect Locum Tenens Agency

A locum tenens physician sitting at a desk, working on a laptop computer while simultaneously writing on a clipboard with a pen.

Are you a healthcare professional considering the dynamic and fulfilling path of locum tenens? Securing the right agency for your journey is essential to ensuring a successful and rewarding experience. Locum tenens work offers unparalleled flexibility, diverse practice settings, and the opportunity to make a significant impact in various communities. As you embark on this […]

Communication Tips For Locum Tenens Physicians

A locum tenens physician is speaking with a patient. The female physician is wearing a blue and white checkered shirt, a white doctor's coat, and a stereoscope. She has shoulder-length grey hair and appears friendly. The patient, a male, is shown from behind.

Effective communication is a vital component of success in both personal and professional relationships. As a locum tenens physician, you are constantly engaged in communication with patients, nurses, office staff, and fellow physicians. Therefore, it is critical to understand and utilize communication tips to enhance your effectiveness as a healthcare provider. Effective communication is essential […]

5 Medical Apps Locum Tenens Should Have

5 Medical Apps Locum Tenens Should Have

Maximize your efficiency and stay informed in the healthcare industry with medical apps. Technology advancements can simplify and streamline your daily tasks, allowing you to focus on providing quality patient care. With the availability of various medical apps, there’s no need to spend hours researching or combing through information. Instead, let these apps deliver the […]

Why Should Hospitals Hire Locum Tenens?

The Locum Tenens title was gaining a lot of traction and officially skyrocketed in 2022. They are in high demand due to the still occurring pandemic, staffing shortages, increased patient load and simply the need for some extra hands. As of 2020, 85% of hospitals were relying on Locum Tenens to add that extra support. […]

How Does Credentials Work For Locum Tenens?

Whether you’re popping out of residency or looking to take on a more adventurous path in your field, Locum Tenens is a great way to go and comes with a lot of perks. You’ll generate a great income, be able to balance your work-life by creating your own schedule and be able to visit parts […]

Communicating With Pediatric Patients And Their Parents

A locum tenens healthcare provider is having a conversation with a young pediatric patient and her mother in a clinical setting. The provider is dressed in a button-up shirt and her head is facing away from the camera. The patient is wearing a pink checkered button-up shirt and has her hair braided. Her mother is wearing a grey sweater and a necklace.

As anyone who works with children knows, communicating with kids is an entirely different skill from communicating with adults. If you work in any area of pediatric medicine, learning to effectively communicate with younger patients and their parents is vital to providing quality care. The state of healthcare in the US is severely lacking in […]