Highest Paying States for Locum Tenens

Highest Paying States for Locum Tenens

Choosing a state to work in as a Locum Tenens depends on various factors, including your personal preferences. Some doctors prioritize serving the community, while others seek adventure and travel. Others may prioritize earning a good income. If you’re focused on the highest paying states where you can earn the most money, this article is […]

How To Balance Relationships As a Locum Tenens

A Locum Tenens assignment allows you to focus on work-life balance, generate a great income and increase your skills in different healthcare settings. Which is already an encouraging start. Throw in some travelling to different parts of the country, meeting new people and discovering new areas, and you have yourself a pretty dreamy set-up. There […]

Can Locums Tenens Be A Full Time Career?

Various narratives have been created to describe the life of a Locum Tenens and your view on the role may be blurred because of them. Some professionals view Locum Tenens as purely a temporary role, fast coming and fleeting. Others regard it as a temporary position, only completing a few assignments and then venturing back […]

What Are Hospitals Looking For In Physicians?

In the big picture, all physicians carry (or should carry) the basic requirements to become a Locum Tenens. However, when a recruiter or employer is seeking someone to enter and fill a position, these basics are not all that they are looking for. Hospitals like to see some other soft skills and adopt the necessary […]

How Does Credentials Work For Locum Tenens?

Whether you’re popping out of residency or looking to take on a more adventurous path in your field, Locum Tenens is a great way to go and comes with a lot of perks. You’ll generate a great income, be able to balance your work-life by creating your own schedule and be able to visit parts […]

Podcasts All Locum Tenens Need To Listen To

Podcasts All Locum Tenens Should Listen To

Podcasts are a great way to stay informed, inspired, and entertained. As a Locum Tenens, you need to be constantly on the lookout for new and interesting podcasts to help you stay up-to-date on the latest healthcare news and trends. To help you out we’ve compiled a list of all the top podcasts all Locum […]